Scalp Massager for Healthier Hair

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Get Your Well-Deserved Scalp Massage!

For days when you’re at home and you have the urge to de-stress, reach for Scalpy.

Scalpy promotes your scalp’s circulation, encourages hair growth, removes any gunk, and (the best part) releases the tension that we all tend to hold up top.

  • Eliminates Dandruff
  • Removes Dead Skin & Oil Buildup On Scalp
  • Spa-worthy Scalp Massage
  • Reduces Thinning, Boosts Hair Growth
  • For All Hair Types

Scalpy’s anti-tangle bristles gently stimulate your scalp to make you feel refreshed in just one scrub.

Give Your Washing Regimen A Refresh

  • The fine-point bristles effectively remove the build-up of bacteria and dead skin which is what leads to dandruff.

  • 5 minutes a day massaging your head with The Scalp Massager unblocks pores and the buildup of dirt and dry skin. Healthier hair, dandruff-free!

  • On top of that, it’s designed to lift and mix the natural oils within your hair ensuring a healthy and fully nourished scalp.

  • Bonus: Using our massager protects your nails from becoming fragile or breaking from deep scrubbing. 

Total Relaxation Without Burning A Hole In Your Wallet

  • Use it wet or dry.

  • The Scalp Massager gives a spa-worthy massage when you’re shampooing and is your best destressing buddy when you need one.

  • A perk that we can all appreciate!

  • The Scalp Massager also works well for ladies not wanting to ruin their gorgeous nails. What more can we ask for.

Hair Care For All

  • Whether you have thick hair, coarse hair, or long hair, this massaging brush gets every inch.

  • Male, female, young or old?

  • The Scalp Massager does not discriminate and can be used by everyone in the family (even pets).

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